JM Bourgeon
Jean-Mathieu BOURGEON, JMKoncept executive director

General engineer ESEM,
         Fluid dynamics specialization
Hydroptere project - 2000/2011
         Head of Hydroptère R&D
Prototype reliability and optimization
Planning hulls conception
Appendages modification - speed > 50 kts
Coordination of research at EPFL
New prototype l'Hydroptè conception
         Project steering
Team building and management
Strategic approaches and progress reports
Budget definition and control
Relationships with partners and sponsors
         Sailing crew
Experimental and sport sailing onboard l'Hydroptère
Experimental and sport sailing onboard l'Hydroptè
Channel crossing record
Absolute World Sailing Speed Record over 500 m (51,36 kts)
Absolute World Sailing Speed Record over 1 NM (50,17 kts)

Since its beginnings, in 2000, Jean-Mathieu Bourgeon highly contributed to Alain Thébault's Hydroptere and projects successes.
The first step was to bring both his engineer and sailor analysis to the design team. This allowed to create the missing link between the crew and the senior engineers.
Then Jean-Mathieu Bourgeon was in charge of the new structural design and building of the boat after her last structural damage in 2002.
He worked directly with all the engineers involved, and assisted the studies at Airbus' headquarters in Toulouse. He also monitored the whole building process.
After this reliability achievement, JM Bourgeon was fully involved in the boat performance quest.
First of all, JM Bourgeon made the team work on the basis of performance :
- Weight reduction
- Rig and sail improvements
- Analysis of the measurements made to find the best adjustments for both main V foils and rear T foil.
And then, JM Bourgeon managed innovative solutions to significantly develop the boat potentiel.
He designed adapted planning floats in order to reduce stuffing behavior of the boat. The first JMB shape was a major success and allowed to reach new offshore performances, even in tough sea conditions.
At the end of 2007, the aim was the design of high speed appendages, shaped to break sailing speed records. Discovering the very high speed world, over 50 knots,  was a challenging quest, but also a very enriching experience. After many difficulties and a capsize at 56 knots, due to fluid/structure instabilities and too extrem shapes, JMB and his team managed to design the perfect foils and reached their goals beyond their hopes. Indeed, they broke the Absolute World Sailing Speed Record with an average speed of 51.36 knots over 500m, and, even probably more incredible, they managed to break the one nautical mille record with a crazy average speed off 50.17 knots on that distance.
After these stunning performances, JM Bourgeon and his team designed and launched a new generation Hydroptere prototype on Lake of Geneva : l'
This experimental boat aimed to experiment the design of a future giant around-the-world Hydroptere.
This prototype is an appropriated combination of different ways of sailing : foiling, planning, floating.
She was the core of what JMB believes in :
The sea is a such a hard environnement that, for sailing on its surface at high speed, one cannot trust in only one technology but has to monitor various solutions and make them work together in order to ensure a convenient, secure and performant behavior of the vessel.  
Now Jean-Mathieu Bourgeon wants to share these very wide and rich experiences, knowledges and beliefs with other companies and projects.
He can help them to go forward very fastly and efficiently, and to avoid them the issues of past experiences.